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red shadows compilation witches are back

Witches Are Back collective released a 13 tracks compilation to support the campaign “Nessuna Da Sola – sostieni le sexworker” promoted by the transfeminist collective Ombre Rosse and a wide network of italian  pro-sexworkers associations, in order to raise financial support for the sex workers struggling to survive during the lockdown, many of which already living extremely vulnerable situations and working on the streets in dangerous contexts.

Including tracks by: Cindytalk, Holiday Inn, Espectra Negra, Hyenaz, Anna Bolena, Lady Maru, Suit Kei and more.


Here link to the campaign (italian language): Covid19 – Nessuna da sola! Solidarietà immediata alle lavoratrici sessuali più colpite dall’emergenza – crowdfunding (

The facebook page dedicated to “Nessuna Da Sola”: Covid19-Nessuna da sola-Sostieni le sexworker | Facebook 

This is the first adventure into music publishing undertaken by Witches Are Back collective.
The original tracks are donated by 13 artists, and express many shades of the witches’ sound: from noise to industrial, from techno to acid house, from dancefloor oriented tracks to electronic experiments.

The purpose is collecting funds to help sex workers in Italy during the COVID19 emergency.
In Italy many “non conventional” jobs have no real income (black money) and are invisible for the italian government. So they have no access to any kind of social assistance benefit. For the sex workers already living in precarity and difficult conditions, this has become a real humanitarian crisis.
released July 10, 2020 on Bandcamp only.


nessuna da sola sostieni le sex worker


Mastering by Rosa R. Tosto – RedSky studio (except track 02, 03, 05).
Artwork by Double_Why


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