As a DJ, 01100110 has been developing an atmospheric and flowing signature sound, riddled with elements from their musical roots such as Goth Music, Industrial, Dark Ambient and Medieval Music. 

At times their sets may turn out mystical and hypnotic, sometimes groovy and dubby, and yet in other moments, it can be leaning into faster and harsher sounds. 

In all their sets, 01100110 wants to inspire their audience to conscious listening and to attend the full spectrum of their emotions, their sorrow and delight, their rage and joy, and everything in-between, coagulating into a sonic ritual where we can momentarily rid ourselves from the toils of everyday life. 

This is also reflected in their own productions, which come with a deep exploration into different rhythmical textures, atmospheres, tonal structures and feelings.

They join Witches Are back in 2022. With their track “Basso Continuo” released on the VVAA WITCHES005, 01100110 has delivered a work that takes out on a dark and hypnotic journey.



Photo Credits: Max Power