Mai Matsunami

Mai Matsunami is a DJ from Osaka, Japan.

Mai’s life centres around Techno Music since her 14th birthday. Her musical socialisations began with the classic Detroit and Chicago records of her older brother. From him she got her first set of technics record payers and a huge collection of vinyl. This was her base to developed a very distinct DJ style.

During the 2000s she made herself a name in the underground scene of Osaka and played in all important clubs there.
Beeing part of “asc sound.r”, she organised club events as well as open-air parties, and invited international artists. In 2008 she started a monthly party with the theme “long live osaka techno and house”.

Techno, Acid House, Electro, Chicago-Detroit sound and some influences of breakbeats can be heard in her set. It will rock your body.