Women, wake up, the tocsin of reason sounds throughout the universe

“Women, wake up; the tocsin of reason sounds throughout the universe; recognize yourrights. The powerful empire of nature is no longer surrounded by prejudice, fanaticism, superstition, and lies. The torch of truth has dispersed all the clouds of folly and usurpation. Enslaved man has multiplied his force and needs yours to break his chains.

Having become free, he has become unjust toward his companion. Oh women! Women, when will you cease to be blind? What advantages have you gathered in the Revolution? A scorn more marked, a disdain more conspicuous…

During the centuries of corruption, you only reigned over the weakness of men. Your empire is destroyed; what is left to you then? Firm belief in the injustices of men.”

Olympe de Gouges

Powerful revolutions brought important results

This was the year 1791 when the first woman published a declaration for the rights of the woman.
After that, several were the attempts, in every possible fields, to build a new consciousness about the role of the women in the society.

Unfortunately, the role of the women is still object of discussions, specially when it comes to the power and the quality of the product.

Therefore, the goal of this project is to eradicate these prejudices building a new image, without using any others words, but the notes of our music and the movements of ourbodies. A party where everyone can be free to share his energy being part of an equal world.

Benedetta Lepri