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Witches Are Back is an independent female artists collective, originated from different underground scenes, totally disjointed from mainstream business’ dynamics which transforms cultural and artistic environment into a commercial product.

The project was born in Rome in 2010, and moved to Berlin in 2015, where female beings from all over the world have joined the team.

The aim of the project, is to give to underground artists more sexism free and queer safe spaces to express themselves in professionally organized events. From the art performances and exhibitions, to the music parties, Witches Are Back wants to promote and incentivize creative talent in a wide shades range of artistic expressions, giving new impulses to alternative cultures.

Witches Are Back interpret the concept of “woman” as a wide choice of possible identities and / or biological shapes.

Indipendent & international female artists collective

The crew produced, and is actually producing, events in Rome, Berlin, Leipzig, Prague, Palermo, Milan. Every time that’s a huge knowledge and emotions sharing experience for everybody’s involved.

The witches are ready to tour the rest of Europe, to promote the big creative potential of many territory’s local artists, especially in areas where women have less chances to freely express themselves in an enhancing context.